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The Pilot Egypt Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (EgyptSEFF) is a new credit line dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in Egypt. The credit line was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is currently available to clients in Egypt through the National Bank of Egypt (NBE).

EgyptSEFF offers a one-stop-shop solution to the nation’s energy conscious business community to develop their sustainable energy projects.

In addition to providing multicurrency loans worth up to five million dollars with flexible repayment periods of up to five years, EgyptSEFF also offers free technical assistance and investment incentive grants (depending on the loan and project conditions) to assist Egyptian businesses in managing their energy consumption. 

Building on our areas of expertise, EgyptSEFF services many sectors including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agribusiness
  • Tourism
  • Commercial and administrative buildings

Fact Details
Client Profile
Private legal entities, individual entrepreneurs or companies investing in energy efficiency and/or renewable energy projects in Egypt. These include small, medium and large enterprises (SMEs and LEs), including  suppliers, manufacturers and installers of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient equipment.
Maximum Loan Amount USD 5 million (depending on the loan type and project conditions).*
Loan Currency EGP, USD or EUR.
Interest Rate 3% + Central Bank of Egypt's lending rate for EGP with a minimum of 12%; 4% above 6 months Libor for USD loans; 4% above 6 months Euribor for Euro loans.
Repayment Period Up to 5 years (including a grace period up to 1 year).
Investment Incentive Grant

10% or 15% of loan amount excluding custom duties and taxes (depending on the loan type and project eligibility). Supplier Loans are not eligible for incentive grants.

* The cumulative maximum loans per borrower at any time is capped at USD 5 million. For details about maximum loan amount per product type, please review Our Products.
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