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Overview and Benefits

This loan has been designed for larger projects with more complex energy efficiency and renewable energy requirements, which also demand deeper technical analysis.

This is why the Assisted Project Loan offers additional benefits such as an attractive investment incentive grant and free technical assistance! Our technical assistance helps clients identify and develop sustainable energy investments, and prepare their loan applications.

Fact Details
Maximum loan amount Up to 100% of the investment cost with a maximum of USD 5 million for projects up to USD 10 million.
Loan currency EGP, USD or EUR.
Interest rate 3% + Central Bank of Egypt's lending rate for EGP with a minimum of 12%; 4% above 6 months Libor for USD; 4% above 6 months Euribor for Euro.
Repayment Period Up to 5 years (including a grace period up to 1 year).
Commission No commission.
Investment incentive grant 10 or 15% off investment cost or disbursed loan amount whichever is lower excluding custom duties and taxes (incentive % depends on technical elements of the project).
Free technical assistance Available (assistance in application and documentation).
Project Consultant