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Specific Solution Eligibility

Eligible projects are serviced through one or more of our products: Fast-Track (LEME) Project Loan, Assisted Project Loan and Supplier Loan. 

1. Fast-Track (LEME) Project Loan:  This category is based on the LEME/LESI approach, which involves equipment and suppliers selected from a pre-approved list of equipment.

Fast-Track Project Loans must comply with the following requirements:

a) The project must include the acquisition and installation of equipment, appliances and/or materials (collectively "technology") included in the List of Eligible Materials and Equipment (LEME). The user-friendly LEME/LESI tool is available here. 

b) The loan amount and/or investment costs cannot exceed USD 300,000.

2. Assisted Project Loan:  This covers investments in energy efficiency or renewable energy contributing to an improvement in the energy performance of an organization, however not qualifying for the Fast-Track Project Loan.

a) Energy Efficient Projects

This category can include investments in equipment, systems and processes that enable reduction in the energy consumed, in absolute volume or relative terms (in producing one unit of output).

Assisted Project Loans must also satisfy the following criteria:

     1. Investments must achieve an Energy Savings Ratio (ESR) equal to or greater than 20%, on an annual basis, or above if national minimum requirements apply.

     2. Where the proposed project results in increased production or operational capacity, the potential energy savings shall be recalculated per unit of production.

     3. The loan amount cannot exceed USD 5 million.

     4. The total investment cost cannot exceed USD 10 million. 

b) Renewable Energy Projects

This category includes projects that involve the purchase and installation of equipment, systems and processes utilizing Renewable Energy resources for the generation of electricity and/or heat and/or cooling and/or any other form of energy that is renewable by nature (e.g. biomass).

Eligible investments in Renewable Energy must:

    1. Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG), emissions measured in tones equivalent of CO2, by 20% or more, as measured on an annual basis.

     2. Have a simple payback period of less than 15 years, based on energy prices at the time of approval.

     3. For wind turbines, have an installed capacity utilisation rate not be lower than 0.22.

     4. For run-of-river hydropower plants, have an installed capacity utilisation rate not be lower than 0.25.

     5. Pass the financial viability assessment, and show a positive Net Present Value over the technical lifetime of the project.

Projects that are NOT eligible for this loan type are those that receive or will receive a Feed in Tariff, or any other kind of specific grant or subsidy.

c) Commercial Building projects

Eligible projects under this category are investments consisting of Energy Efficiency and/or Renewable Energy measures in commercial buildings. Public and residential buildings are not eligible for financing under the Pilot EgyptSEFF programme. The investment must focus on the refurbishment of existing commercial buildings. Investment in a new building is not eligible for financing as an Assisted Project Loan.

Investments in commercial buildings must comply with the following criteria:

     1. The investment must focus on the refurbishment of existing buildings.

     2. Projects must achieve an Energy Saving Ratio (ESR) of 30% or higher, as measured on an annual basis, or above if national minimum requirements apply.

3. Supplier Loan: 

EgyptSEFF offers Supplier Loans to traders, installers and manufacturers of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. These include individual entrepreneurs and private legal entities engaged in the manufacturing, supply (distributors and vendors) and/or installation of equipment, materials and technologies Read more... 

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