Fast-Track Project Loan

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Overview and Benefits

The Fast-Track Project Loan is designed for companies planning to install energy efficiency and/or renewable energy equipment either as a replacement to existing machinery or as a new installation.

The Fast-Track Project Loan is also known as the LEME-LESI Loan and benefits from an expedited application process. Simply choose from the pre-approved List of Eligible Materials and Equipment (LEME) and the List of Eligible Suppliers and Installers (LESI) available through this webpage  before applying for a loan.

Fact Details
Maximum loan amount Up to 100% of the eligible investment cost to a maximum of USD 300,000.
Loan currency EGP, USD or EUR.
Interest rate 3% + Central Bank of Egypt's lending rate for EGP with a minimum of 12%; 4% above 6 months Libor for USD; 4% above 6 months Euribor for Euro.
Repayment Period Up to 5 years (including a grace period of up to 1 year).
Commission No commission.
Investment incentive grant 10% of investment cost or disbursed loan amount, whichever is lower (excluding custom duties and taxes).
Project Consultant