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Overview and Benefits

EgyptSEFF offers Supplier Loans to traders, installers and manufacturers of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. These include individual entrepreneurs and private legal entities engaged in the manufacturing, supply (distributors and vendors) and/or installation of equipment, materials and technologies that are necessary for the implementation of energy efficiency and/or renewable energy investments.

The Supplier Loan also offers an attractive financing package.

All loans will be subject to creditworthiness evaluation by the National Bank of Egypt.

Key Facts and Benefits

Maximum loan amount

Up to 100% of the investment cost with a maximum of USD 1 million (excluding taxes and custom duties).
Loan currency EGP, EUR or USD.
Interest rate 3% + Central Bank of Egypt’s mid-corridor
for EGP with a minimum of 12%; 4% above 6
months Libor for USD; 4% above 6 months
Euribor for Euro.
Repayment period Up to 5 years (including a grace period of up to
1 year).
Commission No commission
Investment incentive grant
Not applicable
Project Consultant